Sunday, August 9, 2015

ancient tree

I was reading an article the other day regarding old and ancient trees, and what makes a tree interesting and of note,

An ancient tree is one that has passed beyond maturity and is old, or aged, in comparison with other trees of the same species. Its canopy may be small. It will probably have a very wide trunk relative to other trees of the same species and it is very likely that it will be hollow. These features are not a sign that the tree is about to die. In fact, even in this ancient stage the tree may stay alive and healthy for many decades and often centuries. All these characteristics are used to help identify a truly ancient tree. However, ancient trees grow in so many different environments and have been influenced by so many factors over their long lives that they may not always have large girths.

well after chatting to a neighbour they told us of an ancient tree in the next village over, so into the car it was, to a small hamlet called ‘Cheronnac’ down a wooded footpath and there was the tree, its a plane tree (orĀ platane, in Europe) with a girth of over 4.5m and over 500 years old,

ancient plane tree

ancient plane tree

ancient plane tree

ancient plane tree


The things you find right on your door step,

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