Welcome to Gites Limousin – we aim to offer you a very peaceful and relaxing experience and, if the days pass by without you noticing them, then maybe we have done our job ~ simply take a deep breath, empty your mind, sit back and relax.fruit-image

We have a few passions in life and we thought the gites could offer us the opportunity to express at least one or two of them.  We have therefore approached the idea from a slightly different perspective to try and encompass our interests, and hopefully let you experience and enjoy them too.

The local countryside

Our main passion is nature, wildlife and the outdoors (which includes our much loved and spoilt cats).  With so much natural beauty on the doorstep the location is ideal for exploring; either on foot or by bike or, you can simply relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility that surrounds you.

Set off straight from the front door, hiking, biking or driving.  

The gites through the grapevine

Head in any direction and you will be met with beautiful, enchanting scenery, lakes and woodland; historic sites and beautiful towns and, a vast unspoilt open countryside.  The only difficult choice you will have to make is what to do, and what to miss out on (this time …)

We have hopefully put together some useful information so you can start planning in advance!

Beautiful, inquisitive Limousin cows

Our other passion is for antiques and collectables; you will find that the gites are furnished mainly with those things that are either ‘old’ or ‘interesting’.  So if you love the old and interesting and would like to experience living with antiques, this is the place for you:

antique french commode in the bedroom

antiques in the master bedroom

We have two gites, enabling us to accommodate 8 people comfortably (10, if 2 are happy to use a sofa-bed).  Each gite has been renovated to a very high standard; being sympathetic to their origins ~ quirky in places ~ traditional in others. They are both very similar three storey houses dating to the late 17th / early 18th century; each has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Needing complete renovation we started from scratch ~ it is all new ~ hopefully we have provided everything you need to make your French holiday experience a dream vacation:

gites limousin

restored with care

And, you never know what you will find here (as it changes on a weekly basis) dependant on what treasures we have discovered at the many weekly Vide Greniers or Brocantes.

1958 Solex 1010

1958 solex 1010 French classic

We also have two barns, one of which is used as our studio; the main part is situated on the first floor with a lovely balcony that overlooks the properties ~ it’s a hard life ~ very difficult to get any work done with the sun out!  Half of the barn is open to the roof, and it is in those rafters where one of our frequent guest spends much of his evenings ~ he is a ‘little owl’ ~ who despite his cute looks, can be a noisy little whotsit when we are trying to work in the early evening, screeching as he flies around the barn, mesmerising the cats. 

little owl

our little owl

We also have a couple of resident barn owls ~ who spend their time in the other barn.  In 2015, we were lucky enough to have 3 baby barn owls born and raised in one of the barns ~ we know this because we had to temporarily help hand-rear them!  In 2019, they nested in the attic above our bedroom; and we were privileged to have 4 owlets, successfully fledge to adulthood.  And in 2020, they chose the other barn to raise their brood, where 2 baby owlets successfully fledge into adults.  

Our beautiful barn owls

The beautiful thing about living in the countryside is the abundance of animals, birds and alike that simply live all around you, which makes sitting outside ~ at anytime of day or night ~ a joy to behold.  

Having no light pollution at night, you will be amazed by the astronomical number of stars that you can see simply with your naked eye in the clear, dark skies.  For those guests coming to stay from cities and towns, it is just a true wonder to behold; you can sit and watch for hours and maybe, if you’re lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of a shooting star, passing comet or space station.

If you are looking for more information about things to do, the lifestyle, or just a whole lot more about what is going on and happening in the area, please take a look at our Facebook page: 

If you would like to know a little more about us – this is another shameless plug:

small time miniatures

my tiny work

Another of our passions is ‘Miniatures’ or ‘Dolls House Miniatures’ or all things ‘tiny’. As a maker, we have a studio and showroom in one of the barns and we are always busy creating new and exciting things. In the future we aim to offer group workshops, but nothing is planned on paper yet; however, if you would like one-to-one tuition, please get in touch and perhaps make it part of a weeks vacation:




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