Out and About

There are so many activities and things to do in the Limousin right on the door-step, that you may never want to leave; here we have started a somewhat limited list of some of those things …


Just use the buttons on the left to start exploring.

We will be using the Gites Limousin FaceBook page as a pictorial discovery of the area, it is well worth a look if you can; we will include places we have been and events that have happened …


lunch at the lake

walk, cycle or drive to the local lake, the scenery is constantly changing

watching the sun go down at the lake

there are so many Chateau and castles to discover

castle at Montbrun

chateau La Rochefoucauld

It should just give a little insight in to whats going on around our place, and what places we (or our guests) have found for you to explore …

tour du Limousin

tour du Limousin

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