Outside the front door

Each gite comes with a delightful outdoor patio, exclusively yours, just outside the front door. It’s the perfect spot to unwind with a refreshing iced coffee or your favorite beverage; a wonderful opportunity to unwind and embrace the serenity around you.

Exclusive to La Vienne gite:

La Vienne gite comes with not just one, but two extra private outdoor areas for you to enjoy.

At the back, there’s a delightful private patio that basks in the morning sun. Imagine starting your day by stepping outside with your steaming cup of coffee and a scrumptious croissant.

Ideal for coffee and croissants

And at the side, there’s a cozy enclosed lawned garden, equipped with your very own BBQ, table, chairs, and exterior lighting. It’s absolutely perfect for a relaxed evening meal, dining under the beautiful starry sky.

Eating alfresco for La Vienne

Exclusive to La Haute gite:

At the very top of the main garden, you’ll discover a cozy spot exclusively reserved for La Haute gite. It’s a fantastic private area where you can enjoy a delicious barbecue meal on your own deck, complete with a gas plancha, table and chairs. The table offers a fabulous view over the top part of the garden and the fields beyond. We’ve even added some charming exterior lighting and a unique illuminated sign that you’re sure to love!

Eating alfresco La Haute

And, a fun fact: this particular spot has been utilised by previous guests as a yoga studio. It’s the perfect place to focus on nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Feel free to indulge in some peaceful yoga sessions during your stay.

My beautiful friend Fiona, practicing yoga

If you’d like to catch up on emails, you’ll be happy to know that the outdoor decked area also offers WiFi! Feel free to relax in this peaceful setting while staying connected.


The shared main garden:

The main garden, you will find concealed behind a small black fence, it awaits you like a magical secret garden. It’s an idyllic place for endless moments of joy, where you can spend quality time with your little ones, engage in playful activities, or simply unwind with a captivating book and a refreshing drink. Feel free to lose track of time in this oasis of tranquility!



The main garden itself is shaped like an “L” and covers about half an acre, providing you with ample privacy if that is what you prefer.


The first section of the garden gently slopes down to meet a low hedge, granting you a delightful view of the adjacent field and the scenic woodland beyond. We usually set up the soft archery equipment and provide some comfortable seating in this area for everyone to relax in.

The first section of the shared, main garden

Heading off to the right, you’ll discover the second section of the main garden.

The second section of the shared, main garden

The second part is flat and grassy, and is home to more activities such as table tennis and badminton. There are also two picnic benches and umbrellas, as well as some more chairs and sun loungers for your relaxation. There’s even a cool retro swing chair! However, watch out for one of our cats, Jeoffrey, as he loves spending his nights there when it gets too hot inside the house. So, be prepared for a friendly battle to claim that ultimate swing spot!

table tennis

Moveable badminton net

And although it’s not exactly in the garden, the gravel parking area is wonderfully put to use for a fun game of boules!